Mindful Eating

As we all know it is extremely important to be mindful about what we are eating, but how many times do we consider how we are eating? How we consume our food effects the quality of our digestive system, which directly relates to our overall state of health. The majority of diseases originate in the colon, therefore, numerous health conditions are linked to inefficient digestion, some of which are deadly.

The list below may help you on your way to conscious eating:

·     Eating in a calm and quiet setting will create a peaceful meal. Throughout the day we are exposed to distractions that stimulate the mind. At meal time we should be free of these distractions and focus on the meal. Eliminating music, books, television and conversation will help to keep our focus on the beautiful gifts we are about to receive on our plate, allowing us to be more aware of the tastes, smells, and textures of our food.  

·     Allow plenty of time to eat your meals and chew food well. Chewing thoroughly will start the digestion process in the mouth by releasing enzymes and will also allow the food to be absorbed properly by the body.

·     Prepare your plate with appropriate serving size and stick to it; it takes some time before your stomach tells the brain that it is full. So don’t head over for seconds until you have given the body at least a 15 minute break, then re-evaluate.

·     Create a routine and eat at the same time everyday, this way the body can function with a routine as well. Variety of food choices will keep eating pleasurable and satisfying and will also eliminate cravings and deficiencies.

·     Do not eat when you are emotionally imbalanced. Most likely you will consume foods that are deficient in nutrients or overeat. This will create cravings and lead to feelings of guilt or stress.

·     Minimize the amount of water you drink during the meal. Water during meal time decreases the digestive fire and dilutes some of the key digestive enzymes needed for proper assimilation.

Last but not least, give thanks! All the time and energy expended for one meal deserves a prayer of gratitude to all who made this possible. The warmth from the sun, the energy from mother earth, the hard work from the farmers, and every life that made it possible for these gifts to be a part of our meal should be recognized with each bite.