What if you could transform your health in 30 days?

If you have been stressed out, feeling low energy, or struggling to lose weight this might be just the right time to make a change.

Up to 80% of diseases today are directly related to toxicity.

Is your body giving you warning signs? Well than listen up! 
Toxicity is the leading cause behind these issues:

Slow Metabolism
Low Energy
Brain Fog 

Digestive Issues
Leaky Gut
Skin Blemishes

Hormone Imbalances
Thyroid Problems
Difficulty Sleeping

Your solution may be simple... fuel your body with the right foods for YOU and imagine the possibilities...

  • A healthy functioning digestive system

  • A focused mind and productive day

  • Increased energy without caffeine or stimulants

  • Wean off medications that give nasty side effects

  • Take steps to prevent disease 

  • Shed those extra pounds you've been carrying around

Mindful Balance's 5 Pillars of Health

Healing the body and mind can be done when given the right recipe....

Cleanse and Restore Program

Through this program you will eliminate foods that have caused an imbalance in the body. Most foods these days have been altered by man, making it harder for the body to digest, this leads to inflammation in the body and can cause serious damage. Alisha will guide you as to what foods may be contributing to your specific condition and offer healthier alternatives that are better for you and the environment.Then we will replenish your body with the proper nutrients, doTerra's Cleanse and Restore Kit is included with this program and will provide you will all of your daily vitamin and mineral needs as well as support the body through detoxification.

How it all works

  1. Sign Up by Oct 4th to take advantage of the local deal! Otherwise the sooner the better, and don't even think about waiting until after the holidays!!!  

  2. Initial consultation with Alisha Welch, Holistic Nutritionist to customize the cleanse for YOU. Everyone will be different so it is important to work with a nutritionist to determine which foods/supplements are appropriate for your UNIQUE body. Together we will set an appropriate start date for the cleanse. In this conversation we will discuss health concerns, goals, daily habits and current dietary intake.

  3. Order supplements that enhance the efficacy! Then go shopping for whole organic foods. Alisha will provide the guidelines for the cleanse so will be clear as to what you CAN eat, and don't worry you will have plenty of yummy and healthy options.

  4. Now you have everything you need so start making healthy choices on a daily basis, stick to the program for 30 days and I guarantee you will feel AMAZING!!! I will be here to support you as I am doing it too so your NOT alone.

Please don't wait to better your life, I am here to support you on this journey. 
Contact me today to get started!