Living in Harmony

After leading another successful Yoga and Surf Retreat in Costa Rica with some amazing souls, I decided I really wanted and needed to stay a little longer. So we rented a 4-wheel drive car and headed south. We took the ferry across the Nicoya Peninsula, drove over crocodile filled rivers and through small rivers, stopped in a few small towns and followed the western coast along a rugged dirt road to the tip of the Osa Peninsula. Here we found paradise, an untouched pristine region of the country, exactly what I was looking for! According to National Geographic it is the most biologically diverse places on earth. I have been dreaming of this place since my first visit to Costa Rica in the year 2000.

We stayed at an eco-lodge that is nestled in the dense jungle and filled with wildlife (our next retreat location :). Our entertainment couldn't have been better. We watched the 4 different types of monkeys swinging from branch to branch, wrestling, howling at all hours and peeking over the roof to check us out. A pair of toucans ate their breakfast in the tree out front, Scarlet Macaws flew by squawking to let us know to glance up to watch the magnificent birds show their colors, and hundreds of other types of birds sang to us all day long! There were tons of lizards, which I particularly love :) a scorpion on my toilet seat, frogs to accompany our walk back from dinner, the ground literally moved! We took a short stroll after dinner through the pitch black jungle to the beach, eyes peeled for glowing eyes staring back at us, a possible jaguar or puma sighting would of just been over the top! I am sure they were among us as we gazed up to a wide open sky FILLED with stars This place is ALIVE, filled with Prana, it felt so nourishing, so peaceful and so natural. Breathing felt like an exchange of energy between me and the plants, the animals, the butterflies and the stars.... harmony! Now this is living, if only we could sustain it without actually moving there (although it's in the back of my mind).
I have finally returned back to my life here in Southern California. It is a fantastic, BUSY life that requires a lot of energy, physically, emotionally and mentally. I am sure you can relate, right? How do I keep that feeling of harmony and peace? And if you haven't felt that in awhile how do you get those feelings without having to travel to a remote jungle?

Here are my suggestions to living in harmony:

1. Take a mini vacation everyday! Set aside an hour of your day for yourself, doing exactly what feeds your soul.... walk in nature, practice yoga, surf, bike, read, tea with friends, you name it. In order to give to your family, your lover, your kids, your job, without getting depleted.... you MUST feed yourself with nourishing practices so there is an even exchange of energy.

2. Allow time each day to prepare your meals with nature's finest whole foods, eat your meals slowly and be completely present for each bite. Food is what makes up your body, if you are giving it low quality fuel, your gonna get low quality living. 

3. Use natural healing methods such as Yoga, meditation, massage and essential oils as your medicine to keep your body, mind and spirit in good health.  

As a seeker in this life, I have been blessed with the desire, to change to grow to learn. These are MY intentions for the new year, what are yours?