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No preservatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients have been used

Nourish your body, mind and spirit with carefully selected ingredients to offer a natural, clean, and toxic-free product. Small batches are made regularly to ensure top quality and freshness. Finding a natural skin care routine for yourself in an important step for healthy living. There are many known carcinogens in most store bought products, therefore it is important to educate yourself on what you are applying to your largest organ, the skin. Read this article from Mother Earth News to help you on your way to cleaning out some of the toxic burden in your home.

Frankincense face cream

This luxurious cream is made with: Grapeseed oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, beeswax, vitamin E, lanolin and therapeutic grade Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is known as one of the most prized and precious essential oils, it can offer a variety of health benefits internally and externally. As the king of all oils, Frankincense is known to promote cellular health and immunity, even fighting cancer. It serves as an overall tonic to the body's systems by reducing pain and inflammation. It's soothing qualities are used to rejuvenate skin and reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and slows the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of skin imperfections. This powerful essential oil can also help by relieving chronic stress and anxiety, by inducing feelings of peace, relaxation and overall wellness.

This face cream has been enjoyed by all skin types, especially sensitive types. It can be applied daily before sunscreen and nightly after a gentle cleansing.                                     It works fantastically for sunburns, windburns, and dehydrated skin. So get outside and enjoy nature, just don't forget to take good care of your skin!

I’m speaking from experience that this cream is truly ahhhhmazing! It has a luxurious texture and smells heavenly. I use it as a night cream and on my parched skin after swimming in saltwater and chlorine.
— Jen Reinhard

1.7 ounce glass amber jar        $20/each (+4.99 for shipping) 

Grounding body balm

This grounding body balm is made with: Grapeseed oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, beeswax, vitamin E, lanolin and therapeutic grade spruce needle, ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy flower and blue chamomile flower Essential Oils

 The Grounding Blend has properties that can help alleviate anxiety, depression, mood swings and helps to bring balance back into the body and mind. It is ideal for busy bodies and busy minds, and if your traveling a bunch, thats you! This rich cream can be applied to the entire body, however the feet are a great place to start. Essential oils are delivered faster through the bottom of the feet, so clean your feet and dry them first, then give your self or better yet, find someone else to rub down your feet and massage in this balm and sit back, relax and let the magic happen. Another favorite use of this blend is to massage on the low-back to help the body self-correct its balance and alignment of the spine, great for labor as it connects the mother to her lower body.

1.7 ounce glass amber jar        $20/each (+4.99 for shipping) 

Belly Butter

a unique blend of coconut oil, cocoa butter, sesame oil, castor oil and therapeutic grade lavender essential oil

This calming belly butter has been has been used by many mothers to bring warmth and healing energy to the womb during pregnancy. As part of your nightly ritual, apply yourself or find a lucky soul to rub this amazing butter in a gentle circular motion, sending loving thoughts to the baby. Don't forget the other areas of your body that are growing, as this has been known to protect against stretch marks. By soothing and calming your growing and itchy skin, your body and baby will thank you.

Your belly butter was the best part of my day when I was pregnant with Finn
— Jillian Raye

1.7 ounce glass amber jar $15/each and 7.5 ounce Glass jar $40 (+4.99 for shipping)

1.7 ounce jar will last the duration of one trimester if applied regularly, the 7.5 ounce will least you into the fourth trimester when applied regularly 

Labor Love Roller Bottle

Coconut oil and Therapeutic Grade Geranium, Lavender and Clary Sage Essential Oils

The coconut oil is used as a carrier oil to distribute the essential oils in a safe and effective manner. Geranium has been widely used for balancing of the hormones, it also enhances circulation and is good for labor management techniques that emphasize breathing for pain relief. Lavender is known to create feelings of peace and calm and calms the nervous system, while Clary Sage is a uterine tonic which can assist with effective contractions.

This blend is to be used only after labor has started or after 40 weeks, you can apply it to the ankle bones on both feet. 

After not dilating for almost 4 hours and being stuck at 3cm I asked my friend to rub that roller bottle all over my ankles. I was being checked every couple of hours and my next check up was coming in a half an hour. Well what did you know I had dilated to 8 cm within the last two hours and was progressing very quickly. I told my friend to rub some more on my ankles since the Dr. said she would return in an hour to check again. An hour later I was fully dilated and 100% effaced and the baby had descended. I applied the first application around 6:30pm, second one at 8:00pm. We began pushing at 9:30pm and our beautiful baby girl was born at 10:52pm. This all happened so fast and in hindsight I wish I would have rubbed that oil on earlier since my induction was approaching close to 28 hrs with minimal progress prior to oil application. After that you can say that I am a firm believer in the power of essential oils and will not hesitate to use them again in the future for childbirth.
— Sarah Allen

1 ounce roller bottle $12 (+2.99 for shipping)

peaceful transition

Distilled water, Therapeutic Grade Frankincense and Lavender Essential Oils

This spray bottle assists in creating an optimal atmosphere for the sacred time of childbirth. The Lavender can bring in a calming and soothing environment for the delivery room, while the Frankincense relaxes the mind and helps support the immune system. Regularly spraying this blend can help everyone in the room adjust to the new transition of the arrival of the baby. Continue to use for the transition of baby to home and keep the healing energy with you as long as needed.

1 ounce spray bottle $12 (+2.99 for shipping)


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1.7 ounce belly butter, Labor love Roller bottle And PEaceful transition spray                 


Support yourself or a loved one during this sacred time with these home-made products from nature that will support a beautiful birthing experience. Pregnancy recipes have been formulated with the help of Midwife, Stephanie Fritz. 

What an awesome gift idea
— Alisha Welch :)