Holistic Nutrition

Mindful Balance was established to provide a holistic wellness program designed to incorporate healing modalities that work with the body and mind to create harmony and balance. 



Adaptive Yoga

Free monthly Community Classes held in San Diego at the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Classes are open to ALL abilities, please bring caregiver if transfer is needed to get on the mat. 

Next scheduled classes:

Saturday mornings 10am-12 

July 26th, Aug. 30th, Sept 27th

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Immerse yourself in the Pura Vida with a daily practice of yoga in the rainforest, (monkeys to share in the OM) refreshing dips in the ocean,  healthy meals prepared for you, and stargazing on the beach!

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

June 20-27, 2015

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Nourish the Body with Healthy Foods...

It's all about balance!  No need for crazy diets or deprivation, once we get rid of the clutter we can build upon what is already a perfectly functioning system and return to enjoy eating the proper nutrition for your body. 

Mindful Activity...

create a practice of yoga, meditation, breath work, mindfulness. Give back with volunteerism, community support and other conscious living practices. You will be surprised by the overwhelming feeling of love and joy in your life.

...and Soulful Adventure!

You were given this gift of life to enjoy, what are you waiting for? Travel somewhere stimulating, bring your friends, make new ones just get out there and LIVE your best life!!

With Love and Support,

Alisha Welch

Mindful Balance