Holistic Nutrition

The Mindful Balance programs use a model of empowerment that view the person as a whole rather than focusing on specific symptoms or ailments. We provide natural methods to effectively deal with health concerns.  The holistic approach would steer away from diagnosing or prescribing but focus on education that allows the opportunity to achieve a balanced lifestyle which creates harmony within the body and mind.   

This integrative approach to healing can include any number of therapies which are designed to compliment each other and western medicine. Once the initial consultation has been completed an individualized program will be designed to help guide you on this journey.


Free Initial Consultation

We will make improvements to your current diet, lifestyle, exercise and supplemental plan. The ultimate goal of this session will be to find balance by eliminating excess toxins and introducing nutrients to bring your body back to a healthy state. Our discussion will include health history, habits, medications and overall goals and concerns. Completion of the initial consultation will include a suggested customized Mindful Balance Program.

Cleanse and Restore 30-Day Program

We will guide you through 30 days of clean eating, supportive supplements to maximize detoxification and replenish loss of vital nutrients.

  • 30 days of personal support from a Holistic Nutritionist to help customize the program for your specific bodies' needs and sensitivities 
  • 30 days of natural, clean and effective supplements to enhance the cleanse
  • Recipes, detoxification practices, empowering information will be emailed weekly so you have the program to follow, share and repeat seasonally.
  • Cleanse offered seasonally on the Spring and Fall Equinox (must register one week prior)

Entire program cost $245 plus tax and shipping 

Mindful Balance’s Signature 3 Month Program

Mindful Balance’s philosophy is simple, nourish the body with healthy foods, mindful activities and soulful adventure. From the information given in the initial consultation we will begin this 3 month journey by addressing the body’s innate ability to heal. This process is done by clearing toxins and re-introducing nutrients that have been depleted. Together we will find lifestyle changes that support harmony for you, your body and your mind.      

Program includes (12 weekly sessions via phone/in-person):

  • Creating healthy daily routines
  • Customized sessions to address specific needs
  • Setting and achieving goals towards positive lifestyle changes
  • Establishing a healthy relationship with food
  • Instruction/practice of yoga postures that are beneficial for your body
  • Incorporation of meditation, breathing exercises and other mindful activities
  • Awareness of healthy choices for the planet (sustainability practices)
  • Clearing of toxins in the home (cleaning, bath and kitchen products)
  • Empowerment through education and practical application (cooking, meal planning, grocery store tours, etc)

Fee  $900


Alisha has changed mine and my partner’s life forever. As rational Engineers we both are, we started doing yoga as a workout routine to improve our flexibility and core strength. Little did we know… Alisha turned her yoga and mindful nutrition practice into a life style for both of us. Given her perfect approach of living a healthy but practical life, yoga has become not only a great exercise routine, but also way to discover our bodies together as a couple. Her holistic approach to exercise, nutrition, and mind health has been a realistic goal for us to pursue during the rest of our lives. I have also followed her cleansing program which was easy to adapt to our hectic schedules, while doing wonders for our bodies.
— Susana Lara Mesa
I’ve had the privilege of having Alisha Welch as an adaptive yoga teacher and a nutritionist. She displays by her actions that she has a vast pool of knowledge in yoga, so as a student you feel very relaxed and ready to give her your full attention. She never makes you push your body to a point of injury. She is by far one of the best adaptive yoga teachers that I’ve been under.
As a nutritionist she went above and beyond my expectations, my situation is a little different because of my disability. There are certain things I can not do but because of her knowledge she was able to give several suggestions for food and recommendations for certain tools I could try in the kitchen. Alisha has been a shining light in my life as a nutritionist, a yoga teacher, and a friend.
— Tom Hinojos